Sunday, 30 August 2009

how nice it is...

how lovely that swandiamondrose aka swanclothing ( with a much desired louche) & yarnovermovement (a custom classic ribbed beret)*, were both transitional pieces of jennine of the infamous coveted choices for fall transitional outfit...
oh but please, i don't feel quite ready for fall, even if i did have no choice but to put on a trench coat yesterday..
not only because i felt that this chilly summer weather was such a rip off, its that i am panicked over feeling sooo uninspired for fall in my own closet... (of course i have my wishlist & an exact idea in my head.... slightly boyish, greys, blacks, burgundys, navys ....all new for me,)

*ps. if you were wondering the berets will be in the shop again soon! do ask about custom orders of course!


  1. you look pretty awesome! i love your hat!

  2. oh the above images are of jennine of the coveted & tara of swan clothing, i am just the knitter of her custom beret!

  3. did you know you were featured on modish blog today? just saw it now...

    big congrats! so awesome for you!!


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