Monday, 7 September 2009

dear DIY jean purse

dear DIY jean purse,
you are all things i love in a purse,
enormous & sustainable,
not to mention, oh yah, handmade from beloved soft jeans!
hell yes for socially conscious designs!
photos c/o
"Euphraise likes the idea of reusing clothing for environmental reasons and is designing her own line of bags made from jeans - she also plans on going into to help save the planet. She is highly influenced by her world travels as a model, but her farm-bred origins of Normandy come through in her socially conscious marketingdown-to-earth and unaffected sensibility. Euphraise’s dress code can be described as traditional Parisian meets colorful Tokyo meets anything-goes New York, but her pet chicken (named Poulet Blanche) sums up her unconventional and wide-eyed individualism."

i'm so enjoying her inspiring non-fussy, yet fun carefree approach to a fun socially consious closet. file thsi vintage button collar shirt here

Euphraise From from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

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  1. haha kool idea with the purse!love it



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