Sunday, 9 August 2009

everything is riding on this (really)

is it wrong, to have so much hope? oh sooo much, i feel like i'm bursting...
i want to cry ...
i try not to allow myself to think otherwise, it just has to!

photo credit: alicia evans


  1. Aww doll! I am sure it will look amazing! I cannot wait to get something new from you for my Fall/Winter wardrobe :)

    p.s. don't cry! oh and I am comming to TO on the 22nd to do some vintage shopping at Kensing ton market again!

  2. oh its gonna be good, be proud of yourself and the dedication you have, and the organization to have a fall/winter collection in the works!! i see a little sneak peak in your new etsy banner & avatar and it looks gooood!!

  3. You should have hope! Whatever it is I hope that it happens for you!

  4. thanks everyone!
    i'm just so anxious about the shop, i really need it to work out, since being laid off, i've realized i don't knwo how i can force myself back out there again, where what i really want is making my shop work, this is kinda my one chance & well it has to!

    izzy: awww, i don't know if would be able to afford a trip to toronto :(

  5. It's ok just wanted to let you know



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