Tuesday, 4 August 2009

always knitting on the sidelines

i try to remember to take my knitting out with me at all times!
i'm more than excited about the store re-vamp in the works for yarnovermovement,
& the knitting is cheering me up too, i don't feel so depressed about being laid off, i'm trying to optimistic that my sustainable hand knits will prevail me & keep me sane!!!
this weekend is being reserved for some photoshoots, c/o a friend with a camera & also c/o the new wallpaper aka store background & inspiring theme... i will try to have some sneak peeks of photos & new knits this time next week.


  1. i am laid-off, too, and it took me awhile to figure out it was a blessing! now i have some time to get creative and do things i never thought possible!

    if you ever need help with photos with your etsy when your friend isn't available, let me know! i am just around the corner in the Grimz!

    keep on knittin'...your work is fab! i am thinking i will need a beret towards fall and i now know where to look!

  2. how nice--this picture seems so calm. one of the things i'm dying to learn is knitting.

  3. I love how you redesign your blog. It looks nice. Please keep knitting. I love your knit. They are so nice, fresh and original. I love my olive beret with the cable and I look forward wearing it when the weather will get cooler. I can totally relate being laid off. As they say one door closes; another opens. It is indeed a blessing. Your blog inspires me. Keep the good work.

  4. Knitting has always helped to keep me sane in my crazy times.


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