Saturday, 18 July 2009

the swan pick me up

when you're on a tight budget, & spending extra cash on thrifting is what used to be your pick me up, well doesn't that just suck?

well, its the small things, its the generosity of others ,like small gifts that are the new pick me up, & i received my newest much needed pick me up in the form of a unexpected gift from lovely designer tara of swan clothing fame & swan diamond rose blog & model... (coming soon our mom & daughter matching rabbit swandiamond rose tees)

(other recent unexpected pick me ups, including winnning an amazing skirt from tiffany, a knit mug from anabela, & a library card cleared of all overdue fees from a kind librarian...)

swan purse/clutch: swandiamondrose (swan clothing etsy)
wide legged jeans, cuffed & belt: old navy
checkered shirt: ol' mans closet
oxford flats vintage: etsy


  1. I love your hair! Will you tell me how you did it? I dance, and it would be perfect for ballet class!
    You're such a cute person, and I like that purse!

  2. Cute handbag. It goes well with the whole outfit.

  3. to ashley, why thanks...i ponytailed my hair, as high as possible, wrapped &twisted my hair loosely around the ponytail bobbypinning in the ends under the bun...
    it may not be tight enough for ballet, so you may have to wrap tighter for a neater bun...

  4. nice! i'm very glad the tote could be part of your pick-me-up. that definitely is my preppy bag and you made the perfect outfit. you look great, i wish i could pull off an outfit like that. i get it all wrong sometimes. enjoy your tote. xo t

  5. Oh wow, how sweet and kind of her to send that to you! I love your outfit, by the way! So summery and lovely! I have to mark it for inspiration.

  6. May I say that I love your hair? :)

  7. what a lovely little bag! your outfit is quite cute as well!

  8. congrats on getting that library card cleared of fines! :D

  9. I love this whole outfit. The jeans look so cute with the vintage flats. You have a great sense of style.


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