Tuesday, 26 May 2009

feeling spoiled

i feel really spoiled this week, i could honestly really get used to these small quaint beach trips, hot sand to sink my feet into, & the mandatory use of baby sunscreen & sand in everything!!! honestly, i really can appreciate how wonderful these trips are, & how rare to a family like us, without a car. thanks to karma i think, for this beach week! already this year we have been to the beach more than last summer, which was sadly none, so i really am optimistic about all things in general.
my city beach alternative on the cheap this summer, will be community water splash pad picnics...
it wasn't til the pics i noticed it, but yes we do indeed match!
my ol' man & i shared my shades on this day, i think they really suit him actually
looking through rosy sunglasses
luke's idea of the beach is sleeping & his i-pod


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