Friday, 22 May 2009

darling brigade can be reached at the beach

this never happens to me, i am never so lucky to find myself with feet in sand, drinking wine, soaking the sun amongst the waves...yesterday oddly enough that was my first day to kick off summer...& the first really hot & lovely day...& with much thanks owed entirely to rebecca, us gals of darling brigade were only to be reached at the beach, after spending time thrifting local stores in two small towns, all part of wine country (also due to rebecca's careful planning & mapping strategy)...& then we hit the the sandy beach... darling brigade will be making shop updates with all our treasures by tomorrow night!


  1. It is nice to take a deep breath and enjoy the view and relax. Good for you.

  2. lucky duck! day of thrifting, road tripping and beaching. love ya xo


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