Monday, 9 February 2009

where you wake up...

as mentioned earlier here , i've noticed similar themes in my flickr faves, & heres another one...mostly that of warm beds, whether empty or not, unmade often...
starting it off with enid in my bed

photo c/o will kane

photo c/o sea ghost

photo c/o surimi

photo c/o crystin mortiz

photo c/o lebonbonmulticolour

photo c/o orly

photo c/o snail and the cyclops

photo c/o sew darn jenny

photo c/o its magic...

photo c/o marcinéma's


  1. amazing series! That first pic is so adorable...

  2. I really want to live in the same world as the snail & cyclops. And that hexagon quilt is just fantastic. What a lovely set.

  3. God, I love this post. I never make the bed, now I have justification.


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