Tuesday, 10 February 2009

hints of orange

shairng some hints of orange peeking out from my flickr faves...
i had intended on a v-day sale for well v-day (of course!), & i thought conventionally that i would post all my red chunky knits on sale, well the horror when it turns out all the cranberry wool has been discontinued, & sold out, (at both shops)...(i've pulled down all the previous cranberry chunky's, damn i only just posted that cranberry longest cowl too!)
also to my horror, my favorite orange colour lamb's wool also being discontinued too (my own cowl & chunky scarf i kept are orange)...i snapped up the very few remaining (sadly it was all i could afford) ...(so once the three oranges are knit & sold, thats it, sucks!)
well the cute orange honeycomb toque in the shop is still on sale... & i will be adding a checkerboard orange cowl on sale by the end of the week! (it'll be the first & only orange chunky reversible cowl until i find a orange replacement, oh dear, unlikey!).

photo c/o jodache

photo c/o rodel la

photo c/o j.rowsom
photo c/o rainymornings

photo c/o betsybee

photo c/o la meow

photo c/o vitamin in motion


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