Wednesday, 12 November 2008

danced on tables

this video of twiggy dancing reminds me & makes me feel so nostalgic for all my past dance partners... (we really danced like that too!), oh the mod/brit pop scene...sigh...
some ol phtos to giggle over...

**shop update**
still knitting for the holiday makers market, trying to keep my chin up, & hoping handmade is still appealing when everyone is so broke, but i think the idea of true handmade is where one would want to put their pennies in that case anyhow!

DROp STitch ChuNky laMbS BlenDed sCARf
details include: MANY COLOURS coming soon also
make a reserve!


  1. Watched the Twiggy video at work where I have no sound on the computer, it was so funny to suddenly see Finnish subtitles pop up... Nice dancing. Beautiful new scarf BTW.

  2. Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
    Bottes pas cher
    Marina (from France)

  3. awww, you guys were so teeny tiny back then. I remember always admiring your perfect bob.


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