Monday, 3 November 2008

100 sales & not really etsy suicide

yarnovermovement reached 100 sales! & yet it felt abit bittersweet, since i've had to pull down all of my custom hand knits (just for now) as i'm knitting up a frenzy for a upcoming holiday market, sorta feels like etsy shop suicide, couldn't be a worse time. however in a few weeks when i can have a proper shop update, it'll be chock full of all new CHUNKY knits...i'm going to be taking pics soon so i can show the progress of the knits for market & for a shop proper update.

i wanted to share one of my favorite pics of one of my knitting muses, & some other goodies, these gals (& so many more of you, you know who you are, & i couldn't do it without you)...

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