Tuesday, 15 April 2008

queen street streetcars & yarnovermovement's IT gal!

on a whim jasonlee (my ol' man) pretty much decided for both of us, we were going to his hometown errr homecity for the day or very late afternoon really, so we took that dreaded 2 hour bus trip, & thats just one way (well its two buses) & then hit up queen street for a VERY quick much needed dose of whatever it is queen street gives a person... queen street to enid meant dancing on queen street getting to take subways & wait for streetcars, & of course her trip to get a mini blythe..., before we visited the family, for jasonlee it meant get outside & a pair of clarks...for me it just meant that damn black market beside second cup for being closed already & Kensington market isn't an option because of time & so i hit up urban outfitters just so i wasn't too sad, even though i felt guilty the entire time, for buying new & trendy, but convinced by teh ol' man, i'm not adding to this bad world's consumerism as long as i don't buy anything too throw away, so i bought i think a timeless pair of cute shoes, hahaha...

gah we miss this city...we met in this city& our first place together was in this wonderfully (awfully expensive city!)


jody aka jodache really is the yarnovermovement IT gal!.
jody i'm gonna have to add you to the payroll!
i don't make this fannypack for sale because well honestly i really detest all for the seaming/finishing/sewing, whatever you call it...i don't even own one myself yet, friends only!
the fannypack pattern is always available for knitters thoough at the shop!

& in other things related to amazing girls who live in the sunny parts of a another country...
i received my lvoely panda tee from kara aka porkchoprules..
here it is paired with those shoes!
thanks again kara!

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  1. OMG, a knit fanny pack, i need one of those.


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