Wednesday, 23 April 2008

new wave...aka ramona quimby

i love mail, especially from japan, & particularly because it will be japanese craft book of 40 various tote patterns! taught me to make patterns tonight for two different sizes of totes for my vintage-like, amazing designer upholstery fabric from ikea... it was lots of pinning, & cutting, & pinning & cutting & pinning & ....

i can't get enough of enid's new hair, i was thinking how she looked so very petite french new wave, or as jlee mentioned "reminds me of Ramona Quimby. "

this past weekend was a full house, our teeny tiny apartment, already crammed with our 4 member family (err 5 with kitty) was happily to include my ol' mans baby bro, & teh weather was outta this world & perfect for trying out slides.
i received this photo c/o my little yarnovermovemnt.etsy shop, & think girl of the future is pure sass in her beret, merci!

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  1. Lovely new do on the little.

    What's the isbn # on the japanese treasure?


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