Wednesday, 23 July 2014

behind the scenes/ working on the new knitting booklet

this summer, i've spent a lot of time struggling w/ all of the self-defeating  demons of having a independent shop, & fighting the urge to just give up. working behind the scenes, on the new knitting booklet vol.# 3, it can be a very overwhelming experience, & yet still gratifying in the end to know it was all just me, & i was able to publish these booklets locally. i hope you will take the opportunity to pre-order the booklets, as  printing is really limited ,it is always hard keeping the booklets in stock. i've really pushed myself creatively, & i love the new designs that will be featured in vol. 3. thanks to everyone that has already ordered their copy!

(alyssa helped out modeling, & i took a turn behind the lens, to capture looks
that didn't make it in time for the lookbook shot earlier)

(knitting everywhere & trying out the new omemee toque, which i am just ecstatic over, & i know knitters will really enjoy these everywhere/organic cables)

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