Monday, 2 June 2014

Meet the Jewelry Designer of Young Frankk / Christine Young (& five questions)

i've long been attracted to Christine's work since she opened, her jewelry is bold, yet minimal & her lookbooks are always one step ahead,never failing to endlessly inspire. Please check out Christine Young's shop Young Frankk. all photos c/o young frankk, lookbooks 2012-2014 all photos credit sources here. 

What is your occupation?
 Jewelry Designer and Maker for Young Frankk

What is your astrological sign?
What is your spirit animal?
 I would say a bird because I would love to fly!

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally?
 It is important to be aware of the vast amount of creatives and makers out there that pour their heart and soul into each and every piece of design that they create, which is a unique and one of a kind product for every persons who buys it. And by supporting their work you are creating a more sustainable community and economy and also helping to reduce environmental impact. No matter how small our actions can seem, it all adds up to make a meaningful difference. 

can you explain in detail the process for making your jewlery?
Every piece starts off in sketch form then is brought to form by hand cutting from a metal sheet using a jewelers saw or hand sculpted from wax then cast in metal using the lost wax technique. Then the metal components are hand polished or tumbled in a tumbler to bring out the shine and then assembled together by hand or by soldering. 

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