Monday, 9 June 2014

meet the brand: mayflower supply / liz hull (& five questions)

Mayflower Supply Spring 14 lookbook/ Botanical Gardens at Smith College
Photographer: Greg Wasserstrom, Stylist: Emily Theobald, Model: Ali Breslin ,Art Director: Liz Hull

Special Thanks: Botanical Gardens at Smith College

what is your occupation? Shop owner at Mayflower Supply, and I also do some digital marketing and content strategy for a digital marketing agency here in NYC.

what is your astrological sign? Cancer
what is your spirit animal? Zebra–cuz they're always wearing stripes!

why is supporting independent makers/designers so important to you personally? I think there is this wonderful camaraderie and support system in place that draws makers and independent to one another. I just admire anyone who is working their ass off for themselves, making incredible jewelry, bags, clothing–you name it. Additionally, I'm lucky enough to call a lot of these makers friends, and I want to support my friends creative endeavors regardless, so why not carry them in my shop if I can?
I also think it's hard to find well made clothing and accessories these days. Low quality mass production is the norm, so finding designers who makes things with such thoughtfulness and skill is a rare, and thrilling thing. I'm naturally drawn to quality like that.

can you explain in some detail the inspiration behind your brand? I’ve always had a strong connection to the past—my father has always been mildly obsessed with our family’s heritage throughout the Northeast, and in fact, my ancestors came over on the Mayflower, which is where the shop name comes from. It only feels natural to transfer that connection to one of the few things that remain from the past: clothing.
Additionally, the ideas of quality and pride are deep rooted in American culture, especially from the clothing manufacturing industry that was so prominent in New England during the industrial age. Those values are the cornerstone of Northeast culture, and one of the main reasons why I love vintage. It’s a direct connection to the past and it's difficult to find that kind of quality in clothing these days.

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