Monday, 24 March 2014

neutral territory c/o gretchen jones

"NEUTRAL TERRITORY is a space for sartorial exploration. It’s an imaginative place for exploring what constraints can mean for fashion, beyond the inherent limitations of our bodies and budgets. Neutral Territory will be a year-long experiment in self-expression through deprivation – 2014 will start with a full ( if contentious) palette of neutrals, and each month another “color” will be eliminated. Along the way, we’ll ask designers, artists, retailers, and the generally fabulous to weigh in on what neutrals are, and dabble in color theory and history. Look for a wardrobe shot Monday through Friday, and weekly updates: Neutral Street Styles, Interviews, Diary Posts,  and Perspectives. " 
all photos c/o gretchen jones & neutral territory

(day55: b&w) & above (day 48: grey scale & brown)
i've been meaning to post about gretchen jone's tremendously intelligent project entitled neutral territory, for ages now, but i've been daunted but the idea of how to express myself, (as usual, always a stumbling block) & how to choose from all the many photos.
well, since it is finally officially spring, & i've decided to also officially force myself out of my own self-deprecating funk, this would be the most positive shift forward. so, i just have to say, without embarrassing myself or gretchen too much, she really has reached out to me on several occasions over a couple of years w/ real personal notes of encouragement, (& i know i am not so special), i know she has definitely reached out to all the creatives she has the opportunity to reach, how fucking amazing right?  gretchen spotlights a creative friend in the industry once a week in a series "neutral ground" , as well, in depth discussions, eg.  neutrals in nature, neutral/impartial, colour theory & subjectivity, (are just some of the concepts explored).

(26: white fur &denim)

(day 53: all black)

(day 22: black, white & everything in between)

(day 43: olives & black)

(day 30: b&w)

(day 17: umber brown & black)
(neutrals in nature: black overalls, brown scale/men's trousers, all black)

(day 10: black & cream)

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