Wednesday, 26 February 2014

recently, on the needles & in progress...

i feel like i take far too many on-the-needles/check-out-my-project photos, yet they just never get past instagram. all of these too-many-photos are really just the result of what loneliness & isolation can do to someone that works independently from their home, during the most incredibly polar vortex of a winter, the snow won't stop.

i'm anxious to get started on a mini spring collection of knits, & i've already knit up this sample leeds in a more modified version, so i could test out thewool, that i picked up from local shop hand knit yarn studio, so i could experiment first. well i've already ordered more, it is a superwash fair trade merino (so what that really means is damn right it is washable, also breathable, lightweight & soft next to skin)
(above) I knit up a cardigan version of the welland (a staple good ngith day batwing sweater) in a bulky wool, as i couldn't wait for the wool to arrive, had to see how it would look & FRINGE! (you'll just have to imagine it in lighter wool for now)

i've  started to order in some new colours (like this indigo silk+merino+alapca wool)  for the upcoming colourblocked toques that will be part of the permanent collection for fall, & thanks to elodie's amazing photos in her own jarvis colourblocked toques, i've already started to do request orders.

i'm a sucker for packaging & apparently washi tape (above & below)
i've added gold to my already growing assortment of b&w patterned washi tape, for the special occasion that my booklets most recent printing now have been edited to included gauge. 

just a favorite lace pattern cowl i amazing work in a bulky merino wool for fall 
& as another free pattern download, very soon!

always taking advantage of the notes pages, don't you?! this is my second of the vol.2 book
as the other was full of writing & notes. although i mostly have everything memorized, i still like to doublecheck too.

love knitting up orders in this very limited wool, which sadly won't be around much longer, as i can no longer can  source this wool that is from an Argentina women's collective. so if you've ever had your eyes on that belleville shawl or wawa cowl (check out shayna's in this variegated wine/blush wool), now is your time to act.

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