Sunday, 2 February 2014

it's just knitting #4 : semi-grafting 1X1 ribbing

so when i just can't avoid a seam in a knitted garment, no matter how much designing i try to work around it, i love a good ol' provisional cast-on w/ a three needle bind off, in most cases. but what if it is a lot more tricky than that, say a ribbed cowl.well,  i've found this option for a semi-grafted 1X1 ribbed bind off, to really do the trick. useful for the FREE lambton cowl/maxi scarf good night, day  pattern (that is available as a downloadable pdf here). please share your good night day knitting projects, also add me as a friend on ravelry, & if you post on instagram please tag #goodnightdayknits. more knitting tutorial & tips here.

to begin: holding CO edge on top & open/live sts. on bottom & threading tapestry needles (top photo)
step 1: First pull needle from back to front of first stitch on knitting needle, dropping stitch off
& pulling through (above)

step 2: Insert needle through both legs of stitches on CO edge. (above photos 3 & 4)
Go back to CO stitch (that was dropped off), insert needle from same knit stitch from front to back.
(below photo 5)

step 3: then w/ CO sts slip purl st knitwise  on needle (above photo 6) & then slip tapestry needle into next
st from back to front, slipping sts off needle . Pull wool through. (below photos 7 &8)

repeat repeat steps 2&3

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