Thursday, 6 February 2014

beginner knitting workshop (this is really happening)

"this is no dream. this is really happening!" 
although, it may have taken some convincing from brooke, & not because it isn't something i have always wanted to do, but well nerves & all... so w/ my pal amanda acting as an extra set of hands, not to mention brooke is badass too.
i am really going to be finally teaching my first beginner workshop, featuring a favourite piece the cambridge cowl, that is such a gratifying knit & w/ so many options for customization too.
oh & hurry spaces are limited.
check out the details at likelygeneral
(also check out shop owner brooke's profile on boots&pine shot by arden wray)
(above photo c/o kennedy holmes)

in this workshop you will gain the empowering skills of knitting that will get you started
on your own journey of creativity & activism. seriously!
 "The act of knitting is a strange combination of relaxation and activism,

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