Wednesday, 22 January 2014

thanks to robber for your love & support of independents like me

i still remember clearly my  feelings of elation & joy on this day back in fall of 2011, at the end of the shoot, i asked eriver  if he could take this photo of me w/ the model bryana, (w/ me having to climb on a milk crate). the day really gave me enormous hope & optimism for my shop,  & my attitude was sink or swim. 
this was first time that i had ever worked w/ a real photographer, a real model& in an  actual studio space. I was putting everything into this moment & truly if it wasn't for robber (erin & robin) lending me the clothes on that day there was no way any of this could have happened or would have resulted in one of the best memories of a day that kept me on track & focused on thinking i could really make a go of it.

 (above&below, feeling so ecstatic on this day, one of my first "real" photoshoots ,  sitting infront of a rack of lent clothes from robber, a day that would never have happened w/out the amazing outfits to style my knits around from robber)

(above & below, 2011 good night day knits & all outfits provided by robber,
photos eriver hijano & model bryana johnson)

this wasn't even the first time that robber supported me & helped to build my confidence in my skills, they have always been behind me, even being the first boutique in toronto to stock my knits every year!  I even shot the first photos for newly renamed good night, day (formerly yarnovermovement)  in the robber shop one summer day, while it was open, being a huge hassle w/ lighting set up all day w/ stephanie & i styling w/ all outfits from from robber. all due to their  sincere generosity in helping out an independent designer.

(above & below, that time stephanie & i shot good night day knit in the robber shop during shop hours)

(above & below, my favorite outfits from summer of  2010, styled w/ outfits & pieces from robber,
 that were shot using robber as a backdrop)

 (above) that time i was featured on ofakind & asked what is my perfect afternoon in toronto, & of course robber was on the list (below) the most recent shoot, which we shot at the photographers apartment arden wray, a few blocks from robber, where we again borrowed all the outfits.


(above & below, favorite looks from 2013, clothing provided by robber
photos: arden wray, models: kate campbell-ellis & elspeth hudson)

So, at this time, you may have heard the news that robber is closing, & even with this news erin took the time to wish me the best & send me a personal note prior, that was full of continued support & friendship, can you even imagine how sweet that is.

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