Tuesday, 1 October 2013

stay home club aka stay home & knit club

obviously, i already have the  self- appointed distinction of being a member of the stay home club, if requirements include binge watching period dramas/ documentaries borrowed from library (probably overdue), while knitting, snuggling w/ cats, drinking wine, ect. all while successfully never leaving my abode.
also, i am obviously not alone! i'm not really of that couch potato type, more of that anxious, weird about leaving the apartment type, you know the ones aka why yes i do have an independent online shop. (my lovely friend Olivia definitely gets me & why aren't we collaborating on a stay home & knit club tote package already, let's get on that ?!?!) sporting  my boring is best pullover & my stay home club tote, enid & her pins (adding to her collection of collecting things, apparently this is a hereditary gene)


  1. I love Enid's hair color! You are both so cute.

  2. I would very much be into the idea of a stay home & knit collab!


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