Tuesday, 3 September 2013

i'm guilty of coveting...no.1 (to be cont'd.)

pulling together this transitioning into fall set, all inspired around the welland cropped sweater in shades of midnight + burnt orange , felt completely strange (enid said it made me appear conceited), perhaps it was all  the guilty/trivial time i spent doing it, & all the things i covet, but seems a waste even  to not share right...errr?! also, this could become an easily addicting weakness, & defintely not just the first in a series to show off all the photos shot by arden wray for good night day's fw 13/14 lookbook.
 black bird incense from craft & culture, falconwright eyeball print clutch (have you checked out their lookbook yet?!), gretchen jones ring ss12 collection, tarot cards, olo perfume oil/ nationale 6/7, clinique black honey, no. 6 lace-up  boots in maple , butter nailpolish, isabel marant etoile navy skirt


  1. I love it when people with great taste do these tableaus! I especially like it when it's a regular feature on their blogs...

  2. Clinique black honey is the best! I bought my first tube of it in "almost lipstick" in twelfth grade after seeing Winona wearing it in a Vogue spread and never looked back!
    Oh, Enid! Don't judge your mum! This is an awesome collection and you needed to make and share it with the world!

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