Saturday, 27 July 2013

a hand knit personal project/ thanks for your support

i'm not a writer, i'm not eloquent, & i wish i had the witty & meaningful words to explain my gratitude to everyone that previously bought my first booklet, because i am in the process of locally printing volume 2. it has been a desire to be able to share my knitting patterns, ideas & to pass on techniques that i really value for modern knitting that is easy & accessible for everyone.  for me it was important that my patterns could be  in booklet form, i'm a book person & have a love for the printed word, it is personal for me.  however, as a small independent shop, & as i am my own investor, let's be real, it isn't an easy undertaking to financially publish your own book, so this time, i've decided to offer this pre-sale order, so that i can guarantee a book to everyone that wants one, & also so i can have this second volume published in quick & timely manner, just in time for fall knitting projects.
photo: arden wray, model: kate campbell


  1. Yay! I'm so excited and happy to know that I'll soon get my hands on this booklet. I love your first one and I'm sure I'll love this just as much. I love the simplicity and lack of seaming of your patterns. Thank you, and never ever stop making beautiful knits and patterns!

  2. Ordered one. I've had yarn for that shawl for a while now- just waiting for the book. I also love the Kingston and Petawawa.


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