Monday, 10 June 2013

skeleton series, jason lee rhyno

jason lee has literally been working on this series of work over the last year,he began working in pencil, & has also evolved to use charcoal, paint & other various mediums. after the printers, we grabbed these photos of the untitled, skeleton make-up series that my ol' man has been obsessed with, while still working on other projects, but he keeps being drawn back in to this. His work has been described as "Rhyno’s drawings suggest a preoccupation with line and juxtaposing negative space with masses of colour. The results are sensitive and engrossing portraits that challenge the viewer to find balance within a dense, heavily worked surface". 

the hung prints are the originals, you can see the limited prints in jason lee's  shop...oh we have a new cat addition too, this is link (enid named him after legends of zelda)

some of the in-process drawings from the series, most of these probably didn't make the cut.


  1. ahhh! these are so great! I love it!


  2. Holy smokes - these are amazing.


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