Wednesday, 17 April 2013

arden's trip photos & recaps

"barbershop in the Medina"

all photos c/o arden wray, more photos found on her tumblr
also check out the photos arden shot for good night day 
when arden shot me for boots & pine, i told her i thought she would make the most amazing subject for it,
 i think this is something like that, don't you?

"Just got back home and picked up the photos from my vacation yesterday-
always so nice looking through film pictures and notcicng thing in the frame you might not
even have seen at the time. I'm pleasantly sursrpised with how many turned out- i was worried my camera mightn't been too wonk, but hardly any were damaged!"

"Entrance to the souk".

"Ben photographing the Lisbon skyline"

"In Marrakeck."

"Me in Marrakech, in the Medina.
 My eyes are closed in 100 percent of pictures from this trip."

"Goat heads in the souk."

"Thought this was funny- Ben giving me the Boots & Pine treatment."

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