Wednesday, 27 March 2013

in my own knits

Spring, well sorta, still kinda chilly, & although i am not smiling, you have to imagine i am freaking out on the inside, i look awful with a smile, don't argue me on this one. I also had my first outdoor knitting opportunity  too. I've just added the jarvis fisherman toque (the one i am wearing in camel) as a downable pdf pattern up on ravelry (among 10 others, so far!), & also this wool is available as a knitting kit too. & of course, you can get this jarvis toque ready made for you, hand knit of blended silk/alpaca/merino wool.

as well, recently local blogger & friend stephanie (also sometimes good night day model) of beaux mondes, came by for a visit, snapped some photos of my work space ( i didn't know she'd be taking photos of me, but i have to say i don't hate it) & asked some very insightful questions, please check it out. above photo c/o stephanie trendocher


  1. I really LOVE your style and your knits!
    You can't be more beautiful in your creatures :)

    Big hugs from Istanbul!

  2. the colors you chose for your knits are always so beautiful. you're forgiven for not smiling, you look cool!


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