Sunday, 10 March 2013

for the knitters (& soon to be knitters)

all you knitters & soon to be knitters (i know you want to!), i've got you completley covered now!
i have always wished to carry DIY knitting kits with the good night  day knitting patterns, & now i have, so you can knit these pieces with the very same fair trade wools sourced from south america. of course, the good night day: modern & minimalist knitting patterns booklet is also available in the new DIY section, of the updated shop.
 photos: arden wray, http://arden / http://bootsand, model: elspeth hudson
elspeth is wearing one of the kits available the jarvis toque
 in new colour camel of silk+merino+alapca blended wool

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  1. This is great! Are you coming out with a new edition of your pattern book soon? I want to try knitting a kingston sweater or a cardigan for my mom and your patterns are the nicest.


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