Saturday, 16 February 2013

girls in my knits: stephanie from my neighborhood & rosa from germany

stephanie's visit was just what i needed, it's really hard to work alone & have no one to bounce ideas off, & my own self criticism  can get out of control in my head. so i invited stephanie over for some real perspective, she has been a real supporter of my work on & off of  her blog beaux mondes, even on occasion stepping into role of model, & to talk shop constructively. i  took the opportunity also to show her a sneak peek of the knitting kits to add to my DIY section & some of my samples for f/w 13/14. stephanie is wearing her own jarvis toque in camel of silk+merino+alpaca wool, sorry this isn't available yet!

one of my favorite custom requests i received for this kingston sweater, was from a boyfriend in germany to his girlfriend, at first, i didn't even think i had the wool, or the time, but then i found the extra wool i needed & we made it happen. afterwards he wrote me sharing his girlfriend rosa's blog, which is pretty inspiring. from the translation, "this  slow fashion trend,  not with a collection together with the next, all too quickly, and seems completely arbitrary,... the designer designs a few, a few pieces for a whole year, which produced them by hand and only on demand."
photo of rosa c/o rosa windt, in her own kingston sweater in varigated minty blue of merino thick & thin wool

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