Monday, 28 January 2013

& just lately, behind the scenes

we've had a few snow days, &  i've been hibernating some, knitting & packaging & sending out orders from the winter sale (which is still on, & there is a few things left too), designing new knits all in anticipation for pre-fall photo shoots & for upcoming knitting kits (something i've always wanted to do is to  offer with the amazing fair trade south american wool i use).

pictured above; a new toque, something textured & very peaked (you can of course roll the ribbed brim too), obviously not for everyone, but really i like to think of that as a good thing, in most cases right ?! these will be in limited quantity  due to the time consuming nature of these & not for awhile, but will probably definitely be part of the new knitting kits, so i will be adding an entire diy section to the good night day shop.

pictured (above & below); limited packaging for the good night day:modern & minimalist knitting patterns booklet (still on sale)

these photos just don't do it justice, just one of the new wools, this one reminds me of nebula shades of deep violet, midnight blues & orange,

jason started back to school again, taking up classes at ocaid in toronto& he has also been messing around with watercolours, also please check out his shop. &, enid enjoying a snow day.

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