Saturday, 19 January 2013

arden wray's boots& pine : the details (in my knits)

i am beyond uncomfortable in front of a camera (& of course  i know i'm most likely a part of the majority in these feelings). so it was a relief that arden was so easy to shoot with, it was more just hanging out & around my kirkendall neighborhood.. unfortunately  i still have a hard time looking at any photos of myself without feeling weird. so i thought i would share these photos by talented arden wray from her boots & pine series project, & point out some other details that arden captured perfectly, & do it in a long over due "in my knits" post.

(above photo,wearing my own good night day belleville shawl in natural& below photo, the belleville paired with local artisan jane erin's quartz earrings from her shop rare specimens)

(above photos, left sitting at jason's drawing area & right, sitting beneath some of his original art, some of these available as limited prints in his shop, & oh fuck this one!)

in my own simcoe merino chunky wool headband of limited teal, & everything else is pretty much from Montreal  including the amazing leather leggings from ursa minor, which i grabbed off elizabeth at city of craft, also vintage floral blouse from sarah & her montreal picked vintage shop cheap opulence, & vintage coat from montreal  vintage shop new wave nation.

(above, wearing a ceramic necklace from shayna that i picked up at falconwright's pop up shop from & right, wearing a vintage peaked fur hat that was gifted to me from anabela of fieldguided)


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  2. I understand the uncomfortableness with cameras (Yes there is a majority!) but I have to say that I've followed and so enjoyed your blog for a few years now...So I felt this urge to thank you for it and let you know that you're one of my favorite beauties (camera weary or not!). So thank you!

  3. I love your booties! Where are they from?


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