Monday, 10 December 2012

post-city of craft

it is now the day after my city of craft weekend, & i'm exhausted (in that good kinda way, because it's always the best!). as usual, we made this trip to toronto an excuse to also bring enid along,to be with friends  to drink & eat with those friends, to meet other designers & artists at city of craft & course to have good night day all set up for holiday shopping the local & independent way.  also, i will be restocking a few items in the good night, day shop later tonight, & organizing it all in categories of ready to ship & made to order. as well, a few items will be showing up in robber too. there is a new printing of books to added to the shop too!

(above photos, gnd close-up of my ultra-non-fussy table, i tend to keep it sparse & clean, easiest to lug around on ttc transit too, & the bouquet of lavender from coriander girl, day 1 at booth )

(above photo, day 1 again, that enormous coffee is a necessity 
& i think you can see the pre-show jitters on my face. below photos, day 2 & another coffee & very important  booth partner my ol' man, & last minute morning prepping the table, i always switch it around the next day) 

(below, some favorite city of craft vendors, sorry i didn't get a chance to visit all of you, samantha of pinpals, elizabeth of ursa minor & i may just happen to own one more of her pieces, caityln w/ sandi & danielle of falconwright, amy kenny)

& what enid happened to get up to...while we were doing all this. it was enid's first time on skates, she's so badass!  (below photos c/o jlee)

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