Wednesday, 5 December 2012

holiday shopping local & independent: city of craft style

this weekend i am knitting like a mad woman (as usual) in anticipation of toronto's city of craft. excited! I am also hoping to get away from my own booth to visit other participants to snag some holiday presents (& maybe for myself too!). here's a few highlights of the vendors i want to get my hands on their wares.

also, just a note about stock in the shop, you may have noticed it is kinda bare, as i am taking inventory this weekend. I will be re-stocking after city of craft on monday. however most items are limited & once they are gone, that's it, so if you were interested in a very limited piece, such as simcoe headband of cashmere/merino blend please contact me & i can prepare a invoice for you tonight or tomorrow, so you won't lose out & give you more info)

ursa minor
(top photo,  ursa minor f/w 12  paired with good night day  simcoe headband & above photo c/o ursa minor)
i have a definite crush on the ursa minor shop & collections, as well as her photos by francesca tallone. & i am not alone, you can spot elizabeth hudson's designs in the most  enviable of online boutiques, such as pour porter & need supply to name a few. i have a piece from the ursa minor collection & it is prized, & i would love more & more from this montreal talent!

coriander girl
(above photo c/o fieldguided blog post)
i am thrilled & even packing an aluminum flower pot, so i can snag up a beautiful bouquet from
coriander girl, so i can have it at my own booth, during city of craft! i've been a longtime fan of her work in photos & can't wait to see for myself in person. gah!

(photo c/o falconwright)
I've recently just met these amazing & talented  ladies proper, as i was lucky to be included in  a recent studio sale party (if you missed out, i'm sorry to say you really missed the best night). i am crossing my fingers it happens again. i am already addicted to falconwright's leather goods, i love my bucket bag & gifted wallet, but it doesn't mean i am not lusting for more & who wouldn't.

rare specimens
(photo c/o hollie poscai)
i really have been wanting a rare specimens piece forever, & i have already been bugging jane for one of her gorgeous rings, so when she said they would be available at city of craft i was beyond impatient, but its almost here! those earrings too, sigh.

although, i am not in need of any back issues, as my newest hair issue hasn't arrived in the post yet, i may have to nab one at the worn booth!

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