Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Jason Lee's prints

so if you didn't get a chance to grab up jason lee's prints the night of the opening  at the defracto gallery during art crawl, that's ok because there is now finally a jason lee rhyno shop, & more to be added soon. also, if you're a local, jason's show will be up for the entire month of august too.

"Drawn using pencil crayon on paper, these portraits are formed from my desire to create a likeness to the source material. Through juxtaposition of the negative and positive space I am preoccupied with reminding the viewer that they are looking at a drawing and not a photo. I am also interested in leaving my artistic impression on the page through meticulous and calculated mark making allowing the viewer to see the development of the drawing.

The subject matter used reflects my interest in blurred perceptions of beauty. I am drawn to images that reflect a sense of intimacy allowing the subject to be absorbed through thought or confronted directly by the viewer. These images often reflect a conflicting perception of masculine and feminine characteristics. The idea of androgynous subjects interests me as they challenge traditional and classical notions of beauty.

Drawing subjects that I am unfamiliar with allows me to create my own emotions while not being tied to the feelings, ideas or thoughts inflected by the sitter. These portraits are my attempt to reflect my beliefs and sensibilities of what the medium can convey while allowing the viewer to experience the pieces within their own understanding." jason lee rhyno

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