Friday, 4 May 2012

part two: jennifer lee X new year zine

"This image is of my Great Aunt Sylvia. She is in the background and in the photograph that I am holding. She lives in Manhattan with my other Great Aunt Helena, where they have lived for over 40 years. They are extremely important to me and I love them dearly.
I took this picture the last time I had visited them, which was in December 2010. They were showing us old photographs and telling us stories. This one shows off Sylvia’s youth and some guy checking her out as he passes by. It amazes me to see these photos because I’ve only ever known them to be little old ladies."

all photos c/o jennifer lee, you can purchase her limited zine here($6) & all text c/o jennifer lee

"Cannon Beach, Oregon (Haystack Rock). Ah, what a dream it was to be here! My boyfriend and I rented a car in September 2011 and drove along the Oregon Coast, stopping in several coastal towns. We were amazed at the endless scenery of trees and mountainous regions. I felt so elated from this too short of a trip."

"This was taken at an annual fair in Port Rowan, Ontario called the Bayfest, aka "Tomato Fest". This is the hometown of my friend Connie. We took a beautiful drive through towns that bordered Lake Erie, such as Long Point, Norfolk County and St. Thomas. The road trip made me appreciate small town Ontario culture so much more and reminded me that i have to get out of Toronto more often!

Detroit, Michigan. It was my first time being in Detroit. I had been eager for a visit from what people had been telling me about it. Detroit was of course a dream holiday! I had a good time wandering the downtown core and driving through the other parts of town. It felt like a ghost town and was very eerie. The funniest part of the journey was randomly finding a dime bag. We got really high while we wandered through the Heidelberg Project. Fun day!

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