Monday, 12 March 2012

knit inspired: toques w/ everything

so, toques w/ everything, especially i love the pairing of a perfectly pointed toque w/ a dress. also, i'm not just ready to give up my own toque wearing yet, it really saves your hair in this windy weather & helps to dress down bright lipsticks & dresses, while feeling kinda bad ass too (in the same way denim does). also, you can tuck a toque into your purse for colder nights, in a way you can't w/ a bulky cowl, so the perfect transitional piece for spring i say. i've been knitting up new toques, colour blocked, bulky, ribbed, cabled, less chunky versions, ect. of & berets (please say you need a beret, did you see erin's beret baby post?) *any case, hurry all the elora toques are all sold out in black,
 but you can still grab a dark slate grey toque (LAST ONE) natural, & light grey.
photos sources include, parisx3, vanessa jackman, tales of endearment, froufrouu, all the pretty birds 

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