Sunday, 29 January 2012

green leather + grey jersey

green leather skirt + grey sweatshirt2

obviosuly, a complete rarity on these parts lately (for reasons i don't need to go into),& what looks suspiciously like an outfit post too (well it is)...but there was no getting around it (&  actually surprisingly easy to convince my ol man to take these, wearing a tight on the curves skirt & mega heels might help some). i just really wanted to share my love for a recent gift from my lovely friend sarah in montreal, this amazing vintage dark green leather skirt (that i have been coveting  ever since an impromptu dress up situation w/ sarah after puces pop at her studio awhile back), also much worn soft grey sweatshirt that is best worn sans bra, & my favorite wear pretty much everyday necklace that i picked up while working city of craft.

green leather skirt

green leather skirt + grey sweatshirt 5
as mentioned i don't leave the house lately w/out this necklace, which i am crazy about for  its perfect simplicity  & modern design & most importantly it does not turn my neck black, it is brass & gold plated. i hope the caboto shop is open soon!  (along w/ some of the oversized rings i wear all the time as well, i have a weakness for overdoing these perhaps, what can i say).

green leather skirt + grey sweatshirt3

oh, i stole these boots for my closet, that were originally going to be returned after their use for the goodnight shoot w/ caley & eriver, but well incase i ever go out dancing/drinking again i held onto them. 

grey + leather

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