Wednesday, 25 January 2012

in my knits + w/ love to montreal: part 1

my friend olivia from montreal,  is such a freaking bombshell decked out in her own meaford lambs wool cowl in natural. & if that wasn't enough to make me melt, she has also expertly styled some of her vintage shop outfits whilst including her own leeds merino black halter top into the mix. 
photos c/o olivia mew's flickr & from her vintage boutique, also please peek her tumblr/journal 
& shop too full of her own art/design creations (i know right, she does it all!)

flash test

knits+bloggers (olivia mew)

from young captive
i love the leeds halter  peeking out from under this gorgeous blouse from her young captive shop!

knits+bloggers (olivia mew)

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