Saturday, 7 January 2012

from 2011: screencaps overview

although i haven't had the time to do a film capping post in such a long while, & wish i did, as i've watched so many wonderful films this year, new ones & old favorites, as my knitting fulltime gig allows thsi guilty pleasure. i thought i would post some film caps from last year, (from top to bottom, blue valentine, breaking the waves, annie hall, meek's cutoff, somersault, margaret's museum, & jane eyre. & for more past  film capping posts here. & other movies i saw & liked this year, & can remember right now, beginners, winters bone, melancholia & another earth...


  1. This reminds me that I need to see Blue Valentine. Thank you!

  2. I have so many movies to catch up on. We have Jane Eyre and Meek's Cutoff waiting to be watched. I am finally seeing Melancholia tomorrow!

  3. Yes! Your screen cap from Annie Hall is my favourite...I've screen capped scenes from that film, as well. Especially that part...her hair, those books spilling over on the bed side table, it's so dreamy!

    Also, you've watched Another Earth!!! I just watched it a few weeks beautiful and unique. I really adored the acting, and the lead girl. I read afterwards that she wrote it, I really enjoyed her views on acting/writing etc...I'm rambling now, but I'm sure you've read about it too/understand (I hope) what I'm trying to say! Haha

  4. Blue Valentine, Meek's Cut-Off & Meloncholia (waited an eternity to see!) are all favorites of the year. Annie Hall is always awesome! Loved Beginners as well. You should check out 'Tiny Furniture', and 'Good Dick' (both on Netflix play it now). Both are written & directed by the female lead. :). Did you enjoy Miranda July's new one?



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