Monday, 2 January 2012

an afternoon in toronto

ofakind asked me (in addition to the exclusive knits) to do my own  mini guide to vintage shopping in  toronto, although this task is truly impossible, the city is so vast, with so much to offer. instead i agreed to do my own  afternoon in toronto, so jasonlee & i met up w/ our friend jeffrey & we went out for lunch, coffee, i dropped off some knits at robber & peeked into my favorite vintage shop in search of a new coat & also searched for lula #13 (all around the queen west/ossington area).

 i've lived in toronto, in a few places, & by far, i loved living in the junction, & unfortunately i couldn't post all the new galleries & shops popping up around there now, its really exciting. i'm embarrassed by how small the guide is, we were really cramped for time that day & it was pretty chilly too. also, i wish i could have mentioned my favorite places to eat in chinatown, also favorite korean bbq & my favorite record shop, oh well! heres a few of the extra photos not included in the article posted here.

always coveting  about the clothes at robber, these were two pieces i really loved, including the samantha pleet cape & the cameron dress by steve alan, other favorites carried at robber (i can only dream of owning)
include dace, brooklyn tailors, lover, phillip sparks, ect,  (&i'm sure i've borrowed all these & more for the shop photos too!).


  1. you'd have to create multiple guides to cover all bases. One for each neighbourhood! I'm surprised you didn't mention Golden Stone :D

  2. Hello!
    I'm planning on visiting Toronto later this year and (not knowing the slightest about Canada) your guide is just the kind i'm after. Not sure if it's just me but the links don't seem to be working, would love to read to article!

    x Katie-Louise


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