Thursday, 8 December 2011

mood board

here is a kind of mood board, or rather some inspirations that i hope will find their way into photos shooting tomorrow for some new good night, day knits, getting to work again w/ eriverr (so talented) & a new model. really excited! this time around i admit, to really being kinda stressed & worried, as i'm also participating in the city of craft show the next day & as well we will have enid in tow. also, being so rushed & w/ so much luggage full of knits to sell, we just can't make a trip to pick up clothing from robber, so i'm pulling from my own tiny closet, ekks... photos sources include, montreal in style, no6daily, parisx3, russh, la garconne, (sorry i don't knwo all photos sources)
also peek the last photo shoot, behind the scenes here !

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