Wednesday, 30 November 2011

what i call my make-shift studio of sorts

well its really a secret no longer anyhow, i'm thrilled to announce my lil' good night, day shop will soon be added to the list of amazing designers at ofakind & i'ii be offering an exclusive limited knit ( in two colours, & hand knit of a wool from argentina, that is fair trade & from a women's collective). as a sort of mini introduction, before the big day, jamie asked  me to take photos of my work studio & answer a few questions. & so here is the full interview & all of the photos. & here is the ofakind mini-pre feature.
it was teh perfect excuse to finally clean up this area & make a real mini studio/work area (if you can call it that).you can view a large image of the above photo here.

 I would love to hear more about the following things:
-The big poster with the Chinese girl smoking on your wall. Where did you get it? What do you like about it?

-about that poster, i bought this poster at least 8 years ago, maybe 10 even, when i was living in toronto, from a small packed shop in chinatown. i was told it is  indeed a genuine vintage ad from china (who knows?!) & there were stacks of them, i was broke & narrowed it down to this one.
i think i was drawn to the colours ,the ladies smile & her seductive way of holding her cigarette perhaps. i wish i could have bought up all the wonderful ads he had. the shop no longer exists, so i wonder what happen to the rest.

-The book collection on your wall shelf: Are the books your current reading list? How do they inspire you or relate to your creative process? Which one is your favorite and why?

-about that book collection, i only recently pulled off all the knick knacks from these shelves to replace them with some of our art books & zines that we've been collecting for years. i was inspired by a scene in the film melancholia, that had book shelves that displayed their art books similar to this. we plan to rearrange & change up the books, no point hiding them just for the binding to show in a book shelf. i love all of these books, but i think they all have the common theme of being intimate images in some way or another, & although i love all kinds of photography, i am most drawn to realism & portraits.

-Who is the person in the framed portrait? Who drew it/ where did you get it, and what is its significance to you?

-the framed portrait is of malcom, & was drawn by my boyfriend jason lee for a cam archer film called wild tigers i have known (for the soundtrack art). it is one of my favorite drawings of his, & up close you can really see all the tiny circles of pencil crayon & colours layered on each other. early in our relationship my boyfriend won me over by giving me drawings ( i think a pencil drawing he did of anais nin really
sealed the deal & we've been on & off together for over a decade now).

-If there is a fire and you can only save one object from the whole room, what would it be and why?
-if there were a fire i would probably save some of the  art books because we may need them some day when were broke (i can't tell you how many times we've considered selling the ryan mcginly
book, because its first edition & before he got so huge) or the larry clark books. but so far, i'm happy to say we've always managed to find rent or whatever some other way, & have gotten to keep our books.


  1. So cool, congrats on being the newest addition (edition?) to the site! xoxo

  2. I'm so jealous of your yarn stash! That multi coloured grey wool is beautiful.

  3. Congrats lady! That's so exciting :)

    I'm such a snoop, I always love seeing pictures of your place. Super jealous of your stack of Lulas!

  4. Oooh my goodness, your studio is GORGEOUS :333

  5. Your room is gorgeous, I'm feeling the need to paint my white chairs pink now!



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