Thursday, 27 October 2011

been away knitting

i have to apologize for my lack of computer presence recently, in regards to the blog, as well as not answering emails from the shop as quickly as i like to. i've just been so swamped with orders since the chill outside is finally on & also i've had to force myself to avoid the computer because i am just so easily distracted. 
good news, although some items are selling out (& some gone forever or very close to being that way, ), there is still so many knitted items to keep cozy in, that is my pleasure to knit for you. the sale is still on until the end of the month, so take advantage of the extra 10%, using code: WOOL.  ps. the above photo (please don't mind my shoes & that annoying missing tassel, don't worry i barely wear em out) includes amazing special wool i couldn't resist, it is all the way from Argentina (& from a women's collective, who doesn't love that), & i couldn't help feeling it went so well with the cover of russh (an indulgence of mine, i admit it). this wool will hopefully be part of a secret project (for now), & if it isn't it will be in the shop in limited numbers.
here's a quick list of items close to selling out:

items sold out for now (will be back in awhile, please ask about special orders of these)

items gone for good:

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