Thursday, 1 September 2011

less of summer lately(part one)

there is a lot less of summer left to enjoy, & fall is already being pushed in our direction. although summer is the season i long for,  it is always too short & quick,  yet i am excited for fall, & all the things evolving around the new shop good night, day. & in just under a month i'ii be back in montreal for puces pop.

 spent the day yesterday (w/ jasonlee & rebecca too) meeting w/ erin of robber & picking out possible pieces to work into the collab lookbook for robber/good night, day. finally met the photographer Ériver Hijano in person, & now couldn't be more excited to work with such a talented guy. (more on that soon)

enid participated in a few drop in classes at the AGH this summer (she loved it), she also acquired new glasses too, a new hair cut from sara-mae (w/ teal bangs c/o mom)& i can't help but think she is a tiny spitting image of julie delpy in 2 days in paris. (i should really screencap that)
photo above & below c/o jlee

i'd like to continue this less of summer post soon (i hope) w/ more photos of summer 2011 passing...


  1. I did a couple summers of classes at the DVSA when I was around Enid's age and LOVED them, oh to be a kid again.

    That swan shirt you're wearing is fantastic!

  2. enid seems like such a cool kid!

  3. ahh i'm doing puces this year too! can't wait to see you there :)

  4. hooooray we finally get to meet at Puces Pop! :D
    p.s. THOSE BOOTS! you look lovely

  5. are those glasses prescription? enid is so cool!


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