Friday, 9 September 2011

behind the scenes: good night, day knits

obviously, not exactly a typical day, i felt i should pinch myself. i still can't imagine having such days all the time, i could get used to that... in any case, had a pure perfect photoshoot for my new winter accessories & apparel knits for  good night, day's lookbook w/ clothing provided by robber (thanks erin!). it was surreal & seeing my knits in such a context, as i had only ever imagined, makes all the stress of having a small independent business  so worth it. i matched  & styled the clothing from dace, lover, mociun, brooklyn tailors, steven allen (can you even imagine), w/ my extra-bulky knits, by proportions & colour, as well as contexts such as mens wear inspired. it was a such a pleasure to work with photographer Ériver, he was really wonderful, taking great care in all the details, & was really patient & gave tremendous direction with the model bryanna. we couldn't have asked for a more sweet model,    & i was in complete  awe of her dutch beauty, especially when she wore the black turban she was of another time. & the rest of the photos i snapped here (because if you don't take them it didn't happen right, strange how it really comes to that sometimes).

i will be taking everything w/ me to montreal for puces pop (& somethings may not return), & other things will be available in the shop soon too (i have to really stress that most of the items, especially the sweaters, super chunky lambton cowls & the tubans are very limited number available). if you see something you feel you love, please don't hesitate to contact me, so you don't miss out, i'm happy to make an invoice for you, &offer it pre-sale.
some of the knits available in the shop right now include, the leeds merino halter top in black merino (&variegated sotobosque), & the markham collar of alpaca in cream (&lynx).
 yarnovermovement (at) hotmail (dot) com


  1. how can one not be excited for fall with all these beautiful clothes to choose from! so inspiring!

  2. Loving the looks of that dip dyed cowl and tan loop collar. You are so wonderfully talented!

  3. Looks so good huh! I can't wait to see the new collection in your shop. :)



  4. this shoot looks amazing!! ah wow i love it all. especially your knits, wonderful job. love love love. keep it up, talented lady.


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