Thursday, 29 September 2011

back from montreal & new pre-sale knits

i've been really swamped, w/ knitting, & knitting & knitting (& shop stuff i'm not as good at). as well, been away in montreal for puces pop (photos to follow soon & it was full of  amazing friend times). for now i have time enough to post some new pics of pre-sale limited knits now available in the good night, day shop (act fast on those limited grey simcoe headbands if you really want one, the wool is discontinued, errr) & i've kept a lot of things on sale for you too. (above, limited simcoe extra-chunky version merino braided headband, & below, elora slouchy toque in natural w/ carlington maxi extra-chunky version scarf of merino)
photos c/o Ériver Hijano


  1. These photos are SO gorgeous! I have my eye on that scarf. Pretty pretty.


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