Tuesday, 30 August 2011

introducing: mon petit fantome / my little ghost

i've been wanting & meaning to post this interview with my friend chad for ages, but finding the time has been impossible, all i do is knit, & count the days until school is back in, as i am sure do most work at home moms.
in any case, thrilled to share my love for chad merrit, a friend who has a million talents, & inspires me to find the beauty in all things dark & spooky. i think that chad must be from another past time, he seems so wise, is always offering me sound advice & is the sweetest, most caring person around. this interview is really astounding & touches on so much of his wonderful personality, can't wait to see you in Canada soon chad!
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name, age, location?
My name is Chad Merritt, I'm 34, and live in the very hot, but lovely, Austin, TX.

What kind of day are you having?
I've been, thankfully, busy with comissions, some exciting collaborations, and working on a piece for a group show in San Francisco! I also just applied for a position to my favorite book store, so I'm crossing my fingers. All in all, a really lovely day!

can you describe what you do?
Primarily, I am a papercut artist. I cut out images, from paper, mainly silhouette style, with my trusty xacto knife! I began doing illustrations (mainly pencil and watercolor), but when I discovered papercutting, that's all I wanted to do. I was also in the band, St. Mary's, for 6 years. Now that that is over, I've slowly started work on a solo project called, "beatrix".

Have you always been creative?
My Mom claims I always have been! I went to a very rural school, in Southwest Louisiana, that did not have any music or arts classes. We did have a gifted and talented program, once a week, that I was in from 3rd to 8th grade. I studied photography in that program, which I've been getting back into, and at 6th grade I was developing my own photos in our school's tiny darkroom. I then went to university to study art, and after 2 1/2 years, I promptly dropped out...classic story 

Do you remember some of your first creative childhood pursuits?
I was obsessed with three things as a kid: flying, vampires, and witches (apparently I still am obsessed with witches!). I would spend my time trying to design flying contraptions that would allow to fly around our backyard! None of them worked, unfortunately, and I have the scars to prove it. Other than that, you could find me either drawing, reading, or listening to my records on my Peter Pan travel record player.

Can you talk about what is inspiring you right now?
Witches! Hahaha, I'm only partially kidding  I've always been inspired by nature...it's destructive and creative forces. I love animals. My very first pet was a fawn, that I raised, oh so originally named, Bambi. I'm inspired by victorian or naturistic forms of magic, and how people connect themselves to nature. Fairy tales, mythology, and occult symbology are eternally inspiring. I just spent a week long vacation, exploring the woods of Washington state and Portland...can't get more inspirational than that! Also music is a huge thing for me. I always work with music playing, and I love seeking out new bands and expanding my listening horizons.

What makes you feel most like yourself?
Many things...playing or listening to music. Laying in bed, all day, with the windows open, the breeze coming through, and losing myself in a great book. Working on my papercuts, where I can create my own little worlds with just my paper and xacto knives. Lately it's been sewing costumes and setting up fantastical photoshoots!

What do you wish for?
More kindness! I wish people would have more patience and understanding...I know it may sound silly, but it's nice to be nice! I pride myself on being a sweet person, and strive to put myself in other peoples' shoes. I wish to collaborate more with awesome folks. So far, I've done a paperdoll/silhouette set with my dear friend, Amy Earles, and we're actually working on another now! Oh yeah, and a boyfriend...that would be great, haha.

How do you enjoy spending your down time?
Nothing is more fun for me than hanging out with my amazing roommates, having a great meal, and watching a film. I also love going out to movies, and seeing shows. Austin is a great place for both of those things!


  1. Thank you for doing this interview with me. It was so much fun!! You are one fantastic lady.

  2. talent AND kindness, my favourite combo ever

  3. Yay, Chad! Love him so much. This was a really sweet read, so thank you to you both!

  4. chad is definitely one of my favourites! what a sweetie. why some boy hasn't snapped him up yet is beyond me! what a catch!


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