Wednesday, 10 August 2011

away for a day

we just love the company of our friends tracie & ian of the blog growing secrets, even if they do have a way of knowing just about everything & making me feel foolish, they seem  like such old souls. & now that tracie has her drivers license we went out for a sunday drive, that just sorta happened, as well as the places we went. i really needed this break from my own worries. i still would really love to go horseback riding, even if i am very afraid of the mythological looking beasts, being so close to them was so surreal . & thanks to ian for taking all the photos, & more here, including insane nature shots.

tracie was some kind of freaky animal whisperer...

amazing surprise gift, a hand screen printed  tote  c/o mon petit fantome


  1. I agree that was an incredible day even though my nose was sniffly !
    And those horses were rad !

  2. horseback riding feels very strange the first time around, but it's so much fun! i was obsessed with horses as a child and always wished to take lessons...the closest i ever got was random trips with girl guides/brownies (haha!) where we got the chance to ride horses. i suppose there's always that fear that the horse is going to get spooked & run off, though!

    really lovely pictures, especially loving the one of the owl! i always wish i could just snuggle one :)

  3. horses scare me as well (they are so ginormous) but it doesnt stop me from jumping on for a ride. Looks like you had a fun filled day.


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