Tuesday, 19 July 2011

think of it as just the beginning of summer

not wanting to waste any part of summer, i take my knitting with me (& as long as i have lots of 45 sunscreen lotion too, no tanning allowed in this family). it can be difficult re-arranging shop hours & knitting times around enid aka schools out for summer, but we make it work, & the outdoors is always the best kind of free. & although, my son luke is 17 & i respect that he may not want to be apart of a blog, but just this once, i do want to share this, he graduated with honors!


  1. Geez louise, that last picture of you in the pool - you are the definition of super babely. I'm so jealous of the weather you guys are having, this summer out here is a total dud.

  2. I take my knitting everywhere too! This girl at school actually laughs out loud every time she sees me knitting or hears me mention it. Laughs out loud. And she doesn't talk to me or anything. It's really weird and rude. People have been way less intrusive and abrasive about it the past few years.


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