Sunday, 24 July 2011

...just before

just before we leave for camping, i was finishing up some orders, & wanted to share some results of dying with teal & violet. (also, did you see the blog post siri wrote including the welland dip dyed in peach & also the lovely hairs that also looked ombre dyed.)  as well, my leather tags arrived, just what i wanted too, perfectly simple. & in case you were curious, the new shop takes its name after the modernist book good morning, midnight by jean rhys, she took her name from the first line in a emily dickinson poem, & the shop uses the last line of the poem.

Good morning, Midnight!
I'm coming home,
Day got tired of me –
How could I of him?
Sunshine was a sweet place,
I liked to stay –
But Morn didn't want me – now –
So good night, Day!


  1. loving your outfit! i now follow you!

  2. Gurl, these are GORGEOUS! You are so talented. I need to think about what color I want.

  3. These look so good! And those tags! What an odd thing to get a compliment on, but there you are ;)
    Happy camping!!

  4. wow that looks great! like the results :)


  5. These look so good luv! My fav is the teal one :) Have loads of fun camping!


  6. These dip dyed sweaters are amazing! I'm going to have to start saving for one. So beautiful! I've been doing a lot of research on natural dying techniques - these colors are beautiful!

  7. love the sweaters! And the label! Enjoy camping!

  8. the sweaters came out great and what a beautiful poem.

  9. so amazing tara lynn! I've been thinking a lot about my new blog name - im still stuck on it! I love yours - that poem is charming and so are those tags.


  10. wow it is so exciting to see this company grow. These are really, really, REALLY beautiful knits! They will have to be on my christmas list!
    Keep knitting, because it is all so wonderful!
    Holly xxxx


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